About Me

Hey there! Gaurav here from the Pink City. Welcome to my blog. Here I write articles for the interest of both travelers as well as travel industry professionals.

I travel for a living. I wear different hats at different times e.g. travel planner, travel agency owner, tour guide, travel product curator, travel blogger, social media marketer etc.

But in my heart, I’m just a passionate traveler.

I’ve traveled to more than 25 countries, and worked in the travel industry since 2015. I’ve observed things at both sides of the divide very closely. And on this blog, I share my thoughts from the perspective of a traveler as well as a travel professional.

After completing my engineering from IIT Bombay in 2008, and working in corporate jobs for 7 years in India and Europe, it felt like time to take a break. I started my boutique travel company Insane Travelers in 2015 with a single point agenda- I wanted to travel the world myself. Since then the business has scaled from Zero to 2.6 Crores per annum, and taken me to some very interesting places. The journey has been sometimes challenging, sometimes boring, but rewarding nevertheless.

That’s the short story of mine. Some day I’ll narrate the long story also.

Till then, stay tuned for interesting stories of my experiences on this journey of travel lifestyle.